Butt Shape and Size Chart: 4 Types, Best Underwear And Changes (What shape of butt is attractive? How many types of butt are there? What does a flat bum look like?)

Butt Shape and Size Chart: 4 Types, Best Underwear And Changes


Butt Shape and Size – You have a great butt or back. It’s part of what makes your body unique and beautiful.

Just like the chest or any other part of the body, no two hips are the same.

There is also no “average” or “normal” shape of the hips, although plastic surgeons may broadly classify hips into several categories as part of their work.

“The main butt shapes I see are square, round, heart-shaped, and inverted V,” says Dr. Olga Bachilo, a Houston, Texas-based plastic surgeon who performs butt lifts, butt implants, and butt augmentation.

So, what type of butt do I have?

Like the classification of body types, the classification of hip types is not an exact science.

This category is defined by the overall ratio between the waist, hips and thighs.

However, knowing what kind of waist you have can help you choose jeans or underwear.

So, without further ado, here are the top butt types categorized according to cosmetic and plastic surgeons.

Square or H-shaped


If the shape from the pelvic bone to the outside of the thigh is more or less a straight line, you may have a square or H-shaped waist.

Some people with this shape have high hips and protruding hips, “concave hips,” or a layer of fat in the rib area (or what some call a “love part”).

If this is the case for you, you can avoid overly high-waisted underwear and opt for shorts, bikinis or men’s underwear.

You can also ditch low-rise jeans, as high-waisted pants can be more comfortable.

Inverted or V-shaped


This butt shape has more volume at the top near the waist and less volume below the cheeks, creating a line between the pelvis and hips that curves inward like a V.

You’ll find that high-cut underwear without leg openings, such as men’s briefs, boxers, and shorts, are more comfortable because they provide better butt protection.

Your waist will look great in jeans with wide pockets or flared bottoms.

Stretchy jeans are also a good choice to prevent your back from squeezing into thick, tight jeans.

Heart or A-shaped


If you have a narrow waist and fat distribution around your lower back or hips, you may have an A-shaped butt.

From behind, the shape of her hips and waist gives the illusion of an upside down heart.

If you have a more pear-shaped body, this shape of hips is common.

You can find high-cut underwear or leg warmers, such as panties, briefs, or bikini bottoms, to be more comfortable.

Look for mid-rise flared jeans in stretch denim to minimize waist clearance.

Round, Bubble or O-shaped


This butt shape is the result of fat distribution around the full thighs and hips, including the upper back. It creates a backward curved and rounded shape.

When choosing underwear, you should look for underwear with extra fabric in the back for full coverage and minimize the possibility of wedging. Thongs and thongs should fit.

High-waisted jeans that don’t require manual buffing and fatigue will look great on you.

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What factors affect the shape of the butt?

There are several factors that determine the shape of the bit.

Your skeletal structure and muscles play important roles, that may include:

  • Position of hip bones and pelvic bones
  • Butt or gluteal muscles size
  • How your hips are attached to your femurs.

Your genetics determine your bone structure and the distribution of fat in your body.

“People store fat differently based on genetics,” Bacillus says. “Some have fat deposits concentrated in the hips and buttocks, some in the hips and some in the abdomen.”

Moreover, according to them, hormones, body weight and age also affect the shape of our waist.

“With age and hormonal changes, especially after menopause, fat distribution changes”, he explains. “Most fat accumulates in the middle of the body, not in the thighs and hips.”

Can your shape change over time?

Yes. In fact, most people’s backs change with age and various hormonal changes.

“Actually, nothing is clear about our body shape,” Bachilo said.

For example, the onset of puberty will change the distribution of fat, including the hips.

Estrogen will cause fat to spread over your hips and thighs during this time, so you’ll start to see your curves grow.

“During pregnancy and breastfeeding, [people] tend to store more fat in their thighs due to temporary hormonal changes in the body,” Bachilo explains. This can temporarily change the appearance of your butt.

Then, as you age, skin cell turnover and collagen production begin to slow down. This means you may start to lose firmness or strength in your butt.

After menopause, when estrogen levels drop, you see a redistribution of fat, causing further changes.

“I often see my postmenopausal patients lose their hourglass figure,” Bachilo says.

This is why a V-shaped butt, for example, may be more common in older women: Low estrogen levels cause fat to redistribute from the hips to the stomach or abdomen.

Certain medical conditions can also affect the shape of the butt or waist.

“Insulin resistance and pre-diabetes can affect body image,” Bachilo explains. “Patients with insulin resistance or metabolic syndrome are apple-shaped and have most of their fat in the middle. Their waists and thighs are usually very thin and have no fat.”

What if you want to change your butt shape?


First, you should know that your back or butt is fine, so if you’re happy with it, don’t let anyone make you feel like you need to change it.

However, if you want to change, exercise, diet, or plastic surgery can make a difference for you and because you want to.

For example, there are exercises that engage the gluteal muscles and help round and strengthen your butt or back.

This includes squats, lunges or leg raises. (As a bonus, some of these exercises can also help reduce back or butt pain).

Plastic surgeons like Bachilo can also do some enhancements and augmentations to change its appearance. These procedures may include:

  • Brazilian butt lifts
  • Implants
  • Cool Sculpting
  • Emsculpt muscle treatment
  • Sculptra filler injections

However, it’s important to remember that exercise, weight gain or loss, and even surgery may not change much. You can’t change your overall bone structure or the way your body stores fat.

“Where the patient starts depends on the results we can achieve,” said Bachilo. “Not all patients may get the same results or look.”

The Bottom Line

Whatever your environment, remember: it is beautiful and makes your butt unique. And, like the rest of you, it will continue to grow throughout your life.

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