Treatment Of Kidneys Stones And Kidneys Renal Failure In Humans

Treatment Of Kidneys Stones And Kidneys Renal Failure In Humans

Types Of Kidneys Failure:

Treatment Of Kidneys Stones – There are following types of kidneys failure. These are!

  • Kidney Stones
  • Kidney Renal Failure

1- Treatment of Kidneys Stones:

About 90 % of all kidney stones can pass through the urinary system by drinking plenty of water. In surgical treatment, the affected area is opened and stones are removed. Lithotrpsy is another method for the removal of kidney stones.

In this method, non-electric shock waves are bombarded on the stones in the urnary system. Waves hit the dense stones and break them. Stones become sand-like and are passed through urine.

2- Treatment of Kidneys Renal Failure:

The kidney renal failure is treated with two methods. These are!

  • Dialysis: In this method, blood of patient is cleaned artificially by passing it through a machine called dialyzer. The blood circulates through the vessels in dialyzer and dialysis fluid around the vessels. Dialysis fluid absorbs the waste materials from the blood and cleaned blood again enters the body.
  • Kidneys Transplant: This is end stage treatment for kidney failure. In this method, the damaged kidney of the patient is replaced with the healthy kidney of donor. The donor may or may not be relative of the patient. The donor may be alive or dead. Before transplant, the tissue protein of the donor and patient are matched. The donor’s kidney is transplanted to patient’s body and is attached to the patient’s blood and urinary system. The average lifetime for a transplant is ten to fifteen years.
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