Strawberry Legs Ke Wajuhat, Alamat, Ehtiati Tadabeer Aor Inka Asan Ilaj (What are the causes, symptoms, treatment of strawberry legs and its preventions)

It is usually possible to treat strawberry legs by making changes to your personal care routine. Use shaving cream and a sharp razor blade to shave your legs, and regular exfoliating and moisturizing your legs can prevent and heal strawberry legs. If this treatment is not effective, you should talk to your doctor about strawberry legs infections.

Today, everyone is worried about strawberry legs and there are many questions about it. Small dots that look like black spots on the legs are common and should not be a cause for concern.

What are strawberry legs?

Strawberry legs have tiny black dots under the upper layer of skin that cause swelling of the hair. This is a common skin condition called follicular keratosis. It can appear on the shoulders, cheeks, back and hips. These piercings are hair follicles or hairs that form a web under the skin, also called open blackheads. It contains a mixture of bacteria, dead skin cells and oil. They are not dangerous, but they can tell you about themselves.

Strawberry legs Ke Wajuhat

Strawberry legs just don’t show up anywhere. Shaving and skipping exfoliation can cause strawberry legs. Here are some common causes of strawberry legs:

Keratosis Pilaris

It is also called chicken skin and occurs when the skin produces too much keratin and clogs the hair follicles. This results in some minor discrepancies. Hair keratosis is a genetic disease. If you have seen it in your family, you have a chance to get it. Fortunately, strawberry legs generally get better with age.

Dry skin

Dry and rough skin, which is not hydrated enough, irritates the skin epidermis due to shaving.


In this case, your hair follicles are filled with sebum, dead skin, or bacteria and take the form of small pieces. Shaving and applying wax opens the pores and allows bacteria to enter and cause infection.

How to hide strawberry legs?

Here are some tips to help you cover your strawberry legs.

Use the right shaving technique

Use a sharp razor on wet skin and shave in the direction of hair growth. Change your razor regularly. Otherwise, follicular keratosis may develop, in which the hair follicles become infected.


Using salicylic acid shower gel is the best way to exfoliate your skin without rubbing, which will stretch the strawberry legs. Any salicylic acid lotion is a keratolytic exfoliating agent. This causes the outer layer of the skin to peel off. Salicylic acid opens up pores and relieves inflammation.


After exfoliating, hydrate your skin with non-contaminating oils until your skin is hydrated. Vegetable oils are rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that reduce skin redness. If your skin is dry then strawberry legs will be more visible. Moisturize your skin with a thick cream of coconut oil at least twice a day.

Strawberry Legs ka Ilaj

If you can’t stop the growth of strawberry stalks, here are some treatments.

Avoid shaving, waxing and wearing tight clothing

Avoid shaving or breaking keratosis follicularis during flare-up, as it may worsen the symptoms. In addition, avoiding tight clothing and changing dirty clothes can prevent skin irritation.

Folliculitis treatment

You can treat folliculitis by limiting the amount of bacteria on the skin using an antibacterial foot cleanser. If the itching and itching does not go away in a few days, your skin may be affected. Talk to your doctor about your symptoms. Regular use of antibacterial cleansers will prevent the appearance of strawberry legs.

Gently remove the hair

How to remove your hair can affect the appearance of strawberry legs as this condition is usually caused by closed holes. If you have strawberry legs, it is best not to apply wax to make bumps and freckles more visible. Always apply shaving cream and shave with a clean, sharp blade in the direction of hair growth to avoid scratches. For a more permanent solution, see your doctor for laser treatment.

Laser Therapy Treatment For Strawberry Legs

Laser therapy is the best treatment for strawberry legs. It is also called facial photo application. It is a combination of laser and intense pulse light therapy. This combination of treatments permanently removes unwanted hair and prevents strawberry legs.

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