5 Harmful Side Effects Of Rice Water On Hair Before Using It

5 Harmful Side Effects Of Rice Water On Hair Before Using It


Side Effects Of Rice Water On Hair – Here we discuss in detail. It is common to use various preparations for the beauty of hair and skin. People believe that using home remedies and natural products has no side effects. But in reality, everything is different. Every product, whether natural or synthetic, has some side effects. The same is the case with rice water. If you are using it for your hair, you need to be aware of the harmful effects of rice water on your hair!

Rice water is considered a miracle for hair growth. Women around the world share amazing results within a month or two of drinking different types of rice water according to different recipes, and it’s hard not to notice the trend and give it a try. But before trying this treatment on your hair, know its side effects to minimize them as much as possible.

Side Effects Of Rice Water On Hair

These are possible side effects on your hair:

1- Damage To Hair Roots

After rinsing, the starch in the rice water can damage the hair roots and skin. Fermented starch water is acidic, which restores and balances the pH of your hair when used correctly. However, if used in excess, it can harm the overall health of the hair and skin.

2- Overload Protein

Protein is an essential nutrient for our bodies, including our hair, but too much of it can be harmful. If you have thin hair, the protein will form an extra layer on your scalp instead of being absorbed by your body.

Does this rule out the use of rice water based hair care products? No, it means you have to be careful. This means that if you have thin hair, the key to success with this protein treatment is simplicity.

3- Dryness Of  Scalp

Rice water contains many solid proteins found in nature. As a result, repeated use of rice water leads to dry scalp. This effect is due to the protein content of rice water. Rice protein molecules are too large to penetrate the hair.

This protein coats the surface of the hair, which isn’t always a bad thing. But it can also progress to the point where you need treatment to heal your scalp.

One of the most common mistakes people make when applying rice water to their hair is to leave it on too long, sometimes overnight.

So if you have a dry scalp or severe dandruff, you can limit yourself to no more than two applications a week and see how your hair and scalp react. If everything seems to be going well, you can try using it more often.

This presents a real problem, so use rice water properly to prevent your scalp from drying out.

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4- Smelly Hair

Rice water has many health benefits but it can also be turned into something extraordinary. Fermented rice water can leave a strong smell in your hair that is difficult to remove. So as long as you are willing to stay at home and avoid people, it may seem normal to you, but it may cause some social difficulties.

This can be a problem for some people, especially if you want to leave it in your hair for long periods of time. Also, using fermented rice water can make your hair coarse and coarse, which may not suit your texture.

If you are concerned about the smell of fermented rice water, refrigerate the rice water treatment and use it immediately to stop fermentation.

To mask the smell, add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to your homemade rice water mix. Yes, use a little oil. Remember that water transports and absorbs all the nutrients your hair needs. If the oil starts to stick to the hair, absorption becomes difficult.

5- Regular Use Is Essential

Rice water for hair treatment is useful and effective only when used regularly. If there is no match, there will be a lack of nutrients, resulting in dry or coarse hair. So if you are impatient by nature, the rice water treatment is not for you. Rice water takes time to work on your hair.

How To Apply Rice Water On Hair? (To Remove Side Effects Of Rice Water)


Using rice water for hair is very easy. You must be consistent to get the desired result.

  • Hair should be shampooed before using rice water.
  • Rinse with clean running water.
  • Apply rice water on the hair.
  • Massage the scalp and hair with rice water.
  • Reserve for 20 minutes.
  • Rinse hair thoroughly with warm tap water.

The Bottom Line

Using rice water for hair is a new trend and it is currently gaining momentum. It has many benefits for your hair but overuse and misuse of rice water can damage your hair and scalp. Rice water treatment should be done sequentially to achieve the desired results.

If you want more information about using rice water for hair, consult a hair transplant surgeon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does rice water promote hair growth?

Yes, regular consumption of rice water can help your hair grow. It doesn’t work for all women, but you should try it, see the results for your hair type, and make your final decision.

Can you leave rice water in your hair overnight?

Yes, you can use rice water as an overnight hair mask. However, do not leave it on for more than 18 hours as rice water can cause bacterial growth, which can lead to itchy scalp.

Rice water will not harm your hair unless you abuse it. It has many benefits for your hair. But be sure to prepare your rice water as directed or use a trusted brand of rice water in product form.

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