What Are The Side Effects Of Over Masturbation? How To Treat It (What are the disadvantages of masturbation and possible ways for its treatment)

Masturbation is natural, especially during adolescence, as it indicates sexual desire before adult sex. Masturbation is a quick way to get natural reproduction of the offspring. However, it may be time to lower your self-esteem if it is a permanent source of insanity or self-loathing.

Masturbation is the movement of a person’s genitals to the point of orgasm. Sixty percent of teenage boys and forty percent of teenage girls masturbate. Although opinions differ on masturbation, there is no evidence that it is medically, mentally or emotionally harmful.

However, masturbation is natural, especially during adolescence, as it indicates an adult’s sexual desire before engaging in it. Masturbation is a quick way to get natural reproduction of the offspring. However, it may be time to lower your self-esteem if it is a permanent source of insanity or self-loathing. Masturbation has many dangerous consequences.

Over Masturbation Harmful Side Effects

Side effects of masturbation include:

Wounds on the genitals

When men masturbate regularly, they can become swollen, causing the penis to swell and swell. Inflammation is a condition in which fluid builds up in a part of the body. This usually happens when there is too much pressure on certain parts of the body.

Low sperm count

Masturbation can be a healthy habit if done at least once a month. When men or boys masturbate excessively, the body’s ability to produce testosterone is affected, which may explain the decrease in sperm count, which is one of the side¬†effects of masturbation.

Dhat Syndrome

It is one of the most common sexual problems among men in India. In Dhat syndrome, men ejaculate while urinating. Masturbation as a side effect can cause metallic syndrome. This condition can cause premature ejaculation and ejaculation in men.

Nightfall Trouble

Men who go out of the house in their sleep or have wet dreams may have trouble at night. Men who have had a lot of sex or masturbated for long periods of time may experience problems at night which is a common side effect of masturbation.

Rash And Redness

Bending too high or holding the genitals too tightly can cause itching and redness, which requires medical attention. Itching is caused by dry or infected skin.

Effects of excessive ejaculation

Excessive masturbation causes excessive ejaculation, which is definitely dangerous for your health and you should be aware of the consequences. Here are some of them:

  • Masturbation makes you weak because it burns more energy and calories.
  • Masturbation causes anxiety and nervous problems.
  • Erectile dysfunction is usually caused by masturbation.
  • Even if you try it once, masturbation is addictive. Overcoming it is a great danger. Masturbation causes fatigue; You will sleep most of the time after your sperm is released. You will be really tired.
  • Masturbation puts a lot of pressure on the head and soul.
  • Masturbation has a psychological effect on us. It causes depression after ejaculation and makes you feel bad.

Why do people masturbate?

In terms of why people masturbate and what pleasure they get:

  • Helps reduce stress and anxiety.
  • Frequent ejaculation reduces the risk of prostate cancer.
  • Daily ejaculation makes you happy by releasing dopamine into your body. Dopamine can force you to do things that you can avoid.
  • Frequent ejaculation improves sleep quality.

How to avoid masturbation?

If masturbation becomes difficult to control, you may get into trouble, and here are some basic techniques to help you deal with it.

Opt-Out Of Pornography

People who masturbate often use pornography as a mental stimulant. It has a psychological effect on a person, affecting the way of thinking and acting in society. Avoid pornographic images, movies and websites that bring you back to this mindset.

Try something else

One way to help yourself is to get involved and do something else. When you are not masturbating, consider taking up a new hobby to pass the time.

Contact your doctor

Your healthcare professional will give you advice on how to deal with this problem. It can affect your mental state and lead to obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), which can make the condition worse.

Spend a lot of time Socializing

Communication is one of the best ways to keep your thoughts sharp and focused and thus help you avoid masturbation.

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