Paneer Booti Benefits – 9 Amazing And Healthful Advantages

Paneer Booti Benefits – 9 Amazing And Healthful Advantages


Paneer Booti Benefits – Paneer Dodi has high nutritional value because it contains carbohydrates, alkaloids, free amino acids, steroids, phenolic compounds, esterases, organic acids, tannins, essential oils, fatty oils and free sugars.

The Paneer dodi, also known as Withania coagulans, is a small compact shrub that belongs to the nightshade family. Since the fruit of this plant also has milk coagulating properties, it is often referred to as paneer dodi or “Indian cheese”.

Traditionally, a different part of the plant, the fruit, has been used as a miracle cure for various health problems. Paneer dodi originated in the eastern Mediterranean and has spread to southern Asia.

It is commonly found in the arid Indian states of Haryana, Punjab, Rajasthan and Gujarat. Some components of this plant, especially the fruits, are considered miraculous healers in folk (traditional) medicine.

In Telugu it is known as Panneru-gadda; Hab kaknaj in Urdu; Punirbad, Kaknajehindi in Persian; Kaknajehindi, Javzulmizaja in Arabic; and also Aswagandi in the Canary Islands is the local/regional name for paneer dodi.

Paneer Dodi has high nutritional value because it contains carbohydrates, alkaloids, free amino acids, steroids, phenolic compounds, esterases, organic acids, tannins, essential oils, fatty oils and free sugars.

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Health Benefits of Paneer Booti

Paneer booti has many great benefits:

1. Panir Dodi For Diabetes Treatment

The flowers and fruits of Paneer Dodi are often used in folk medicine to treat diabetes. Paneer Dodi has been found to reduce signs and symptoms by maintaining normal blood glucose levels in animal models of type 2 diabetes during experiments.

As a result, paneer dodi can be used to control blood glucose levels. However, before taking paneer dodi or any other herb to treat your medical condition, check with your doctor. Avoid taking natural supplements as a substitute for modern medicines.

2. Use To Reduce Urine Production

The diuretic effect of paneer dodi fruit extract has been studied in animal models. The results showed that the fruit extract increased urine volume and electrolyte excretion, suggesting a diuretic effect.

However, do not consume paneer dodi for its health benefits without first consulting your doctor. Doctors can also make an accurate diagnosis and prescribe treatment.

3. Get Rid Of PMS

Paneer booti for menstruation is a valuable herb for menstrual problems in women. Regular intake of this herb helps treat irregular menstruation, unpleasant menstruation, blood circulation and uterine health.

4- Use For Wounds

In animal studies, animal wounds were treated with dodi paneer fruit extract. In this study, cuts accelerated wound healing (wound contraction).

This shows that paneer dodi can help heal wounds. 3 If you have an injury, do not use paneer dodi without consulting your doctor first. Similarly, damage can be caused if you use herbs without first consulting your doctor.

5. Benefits Of Paneer Booti For Skin

Botanical antioxidants promote skin rejuvenation. Its anti-inflammatory properties soothe sensitive skin and also strengthen the skin barrier.

It can also protect skin cells from free radical damage and fight signs of aging for younger looking skin.

6. Clean The Blood

Paneer Dodi is a natural blood purifier that helps balance Vata dosha in the body. Antioxidants that help detoxify the body and cleanse the blood of contaminants. In addition, it prevents free radical damage to healthy cells.

7. Asthma Treatment

Paneer Dodi is an excellent herb that helps improve lung function and treats respiratory diseases. Including this herb in your diet is best for reducing asthma symptoms and preventing asthma attacks.

8. Health Problems That Paneer Dodi Can Help

The twigs can be eaten to clean teeth and the smoke from the plant can be inhaled to cure toothache. The seeds can help with lumbago (discomfort in the muscles and joints of the lower back), eye irritation and hemorrhoids.

The fruit can be used to heal wounds and treat asthma, abdominal pain, and jaundice.

9- Use Of Paneer Dodi For Infections.

The study also examined the antibacterial properties of dodi paneer fruit extract. It was found to have antibacterial activity against Vibrio cholerae and Staphylococcus aureus. It also has anthelmintic properties.

Additionally, the whole plant extract has antifungal activity against a variety of potentially harmful fungi. These characteristics were observed in laboratory tests.

However, more research is needed to confirm the use of paneer dodi in humans. As a result, you should not use paneer dodi to treat any medical condition without first consulting a doctor.

The Bottom Line

Under normal conditions, prolonged use of Indian rennet exposes the user to infections and other diseases. It is not suitable for use during pregnancy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Paneer booti called in English?

Paneer booti is called withania coagulans in English.

Can paneer dodi purify the blood?

According to some studies, the berries have a purifying effect on the blood. 2 However, more research is needed to support its use in humans.

It will help if you also do not use paneer dodi or any other herb for health purposes without consulting a doctor.

Can you eat paneer dodi while pregnant?

Consult your doctor before taking Paneer Dodi during pregnancy. During pregnancy, do not use herbs or supplements without consulting a doctor.

How to use paneer dodi?

You can use Paneer Dodi powder. You can use twigs, leaves and seeds. Fruits and flowers can be used together. However, check with your doctor first as they can advise you on the dosage and limits for taking paneer dodi.

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