Massage Pressure Points In Feet – 3 Best And Very Useful

Massage Pressure Points In Feet – 3 Best And Very Useful


It all started with Chinese medicine

Massage Pressure Points In Feet – Few things are better than a massage, and few forms of massage are as good as a foot massage!

Several ancient practices and a growing body of medical research show that massaging specific pressure points in the legs can heal conditions affecting various parts of the body.

The belief that pressure on certain parts of the foot can cure other conditions is called reflexology. It comes from traditional Chinese medicine.

“The idea is to have an energy called “chi” flow through the body along certain paths or meridians,” says Denis Merkas, an acupuncturist and massage therapist who co-founded Melt: Couples Massage with his wife Emma. “When there is a problem in the body, we usually talk about blocking the chi.”

Do Science confirms?

The science behind reflexology is still unclear, but many studies show it is effective for soothing and relieving pain.

In 2014, an audit by British physiotherapists found reflexology to be effective in reducing pain and relaxation in people with chronic pain. Research also shows that foot massage can help reduce pain after breast surgery.

Other studies have shown that reflexology can reduce anxiety in people who have to undergo a medical examination or be hospitalized.

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Foot Massage For Anxiety

Here are Merkas foot massage instructions that can reduce anxiety.

  • Bend your toes. You should see a small indentation under the ball of your foot.
  • Place the tip of your thumb in this indentation.
  • Hold the top of your leg with your other hand.
  • Massage the area in small circular motions.
  • Alternate this by holding the area firmly and pressing down.

Foot Massage For Lower Back Pain

One study found that people with lower back pain did better with reflexology than low back massage.

If you want to pamper your back with some reflexology, focus the massage on the arches of your feet and follow these steps:

  • Focus on the pressure points on the arch. Merkas suggests using a few drops of oil or lotion to lubricate.
  • Moving from heel to toe, the toes alternate in a series of short movements.

“You can also use your thumb to press down and walk across the arch like a cat making its bed,” Merkas says.

Foot Massage For General Pain

Myofascial relaxation therapy targets the thin tissue covering your muscles, bones, and organs. According to the Mayo Clinic, pain in these tissues results from trigger points that are difficult to detect.

“Self-healing is what I encourage all my clients to do,” says Rachel Gottesman, OTR/L, owner of Body Ease Therapy. “I use myofascial release therapy and it works with gentle, constant pressure on limited areas.”

Gottesman proposes to consider myofascial tissue as an interconnected three-dimensional network. Tension in one place, such as the leg, can move the web elsewhere.

To perform a myofascial release, follow these steps:

  • Sit in a comfortable chair or sofa.
  • Place a golf ball or tennis ball on the floor directly under your feet.
  • Roll the ball with your foot until you find a tender or pressure point.
  • Press down with your foot until your toes soften.
  • Hold for 3 to 5 minutes.

Do not continue to roll the ball, this will not allow the pressure to penetrate deep enough.

The Bottom Line

Massage Pressure Points In Feet – There is growing evidence that massaging foot pain points can be good for your health. And apart from the scientific opinion, it’s really good! Have fun exploring your pressure points and learning which angles and pressures work for you.

Special note for diabetics: Consult your doctor before massage as stress can cause diabetic nerve damage.

One thing is for sure, our legs throb and a deep tissue massage can make them feel so good that you forget other aches and pains.

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