How To Reduce Smog | Types, Causes And Its Effects On Health

How To Reduce Smog | Types, Causes And Its Effects On Health


How To Reduce Smog – Smog is kind of air pollution, that makes it difficult to see. In the early 20th century, the mixture of smoke and fog was originally called “smog”.

The source of smog is usually burning coal. Before, there was a lot of smog in the industrial areas, but in the city there is still.

Lahore is the most polluted city in Pakistan. There is a lot of smog in different cities in Pakistan. Here you will learn all about smog.

What Is Smog And Why Is It Dangerous?

Smog is a type of air pollution, that makes it difficult to see. When heat and sunlight in the atmosphere interact with industrial pollutants from industries, power plants, cars and other sources, smog is created. Smog destroys plants and is harmful to humans and animals. Throat, nose and eyes may be irritated.

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Types Of Smog

Smog falls into at least two categories: sulfurous and photochemical. Sulfuric smog, may often known as “London Fog”.

It is produced by burning sulfur-containing fossil fuels, primarily coal, and is characterized by a high content of sulfur oxides in the air.

What Is Smoke And Smog?

When the smallest particles are concentrated, smoke and smog are formed. They are often referred to as PM10 particles.

PM10 is the designation for the size of these particles, which is less than 10 microns, or less than one-fifth the width of a human hair.

How to reduce smog?

  • Using public transport
  • When not in use, you should turn off the lights
  • Reuse And Recycle
  • Never use plastic bags
  • Reduce smoking and forest fires
  • Using fans is better than air conditioning.
  • Use a fireplace filter.
  • Don’t eat cookies

Smog Reduction

Smog reduction refers to the case of air pollution with increased levels of smoke and sulfur dioxide (or aerosol particles).

Due to significant events in the city in the 1950s, pollution reduction is also often referred to as “London smog”.

When industrialization and the subsequent burning of coal in European cities led to significant air pollution from sulfur dioxide and soot, smog reduction became a widespread practice.

When it was first noticed in the 19th century that air pollution was harmful to human health, buildings and plants, the problem of air pollution worsened.

Winter Smog

Winter smog is caused by a temperature inversion, which occurs when a small layer of the atmosphere near the Earth’s surface cools more than the atmosphere above it. When this happens, pollutants remain at ground level until climate change.

Smog Effect

The elements that make up the smog and its possible consequences make this fact very clear. Not suitable for everyone: humans, animals, plants and the rest of nature.

Many deaths have been reported, especially those caused by bronchial diseases. UV radiation is drastically reduced as a result of dense pollution.

Therefore, heavy smog causes low levels of vitamin D, an important natural substance that increases people’s risk of developing rickets.

What causes smog in Lahore?

Burning agricultural and other wastes, industrial emissions from vehicles, smoke from brick kilns, dust from construction sites and crop residues all contribute to air pollution in Lahore.

Which city in Pakistan has the most smog or air pollution?

  • Lahore, Punjab:  249 US AQI
  • Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa:  199 US AQI
  • Mianwali, Punjab:  177 US AQI
  • Muridke, Punjab: 155 US AQI

What are the causes of smog?

The main factors that cause smog are:

  • Smog is formed when pollutants and exhaust gases from human activities mix with the air. This is due to factories, the growing number of cars and stoves that use coal, wood and other solid fuels.

The Bottom Line

How To Reduce Smog – While it is difficult to determine the specific cause of persistent fog, one thing is certain: we can no longer blame external forces for the situation we are facing right now.

We will be forced to keep blaming others as we cough up the courage of the deadly pollution that won’t go away until we take that step.

Hence, making the necessary changes in our lives to reduce activities that harm the environment is where we need to focus.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is smog harmful to health?

Smog is considered to contains ozone, a pollutant that may be harmful for our health.

Is smog harmful to the environment?

Yes, smog is bad for the environment.

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