How To Overcome Sexual Desires Before Marriage? Best Tips And Ways (How To Control Sexual Urges When Single? How to have self-control sexually)

How To Overcome Sexual Desires?

Although asexuality is a hot topic among some people today, intense sexual desire is the most common thing most people experience. Regardless of your sexual orientation, whether you are gay, bisexual or homosexual, having sexual desire is a common behavior for most people. But since abuse of everything is generally unhealthy, the same principle applies to sexual desire.

People are often embarrassed or ashamed to talk about their sexual desires or libido. So they try to find a solution to their uncontrollable sexual desires online. Young people, who are aware of the ill effects of excessive sexual desire on themselves, often use Google “How to overcome sexual desire?” So that they can solve their own problems.

It is impossible to eliminate sexual desire. But the important thing is how to stop yourself.

What triggers / causes sexual desire?

Your hormones control sexual desire. After puberty, both men and women develop sexual desire, which is influenced by biological factors such as testosterone levels in boys and estrogen levels in girls.

In addition to biological factors, human needs are also affected by psychological and social factors.

How common is sex drive or sexual desire?

The question is how normal is sex drive and where is the line between abnormal and normal libido? It varies from person to person. The basic level of normal libido depends on the individual. It depends on your personal preferences and your health.

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Sexual Desires Or Relationship In Islam

As a Muslim and living in an Islamic country, we must follow the rules and regulations of our religion and society. Intimate or sexual intercourse is legal and religious only if you are married to your partner. And in Islam, the marriage contract is between two different sexes (male and female). So the first thing to be clear is that intimate relationships are permissible or halal only when you are marrying your partner.

In other cases, sexual intercourse is considered breastfeeding. In Islam, adultery is an ugly act for which there is a severe punishment according to Islamic law.

It is impossible to eliminate sexual desire. But the important thing is how to prevent it from being used in an immoral way and instead to use it in the way that is allowed in Islam.

Too much sex drive is unhealthy, but it also makes it difficult to respect religious and moral boundaries.

Premarital Sex Attraction / Sexual Desire Before Marriage

I agree that it is okay to have sex before marriage. But your brain knows what your boundaries are according to your religion and society. Because your body doesn’t know if you are married or not, it just follows your hormones.

Like noble creatures, people know how to control their desires and needs. But sometimes young people find it difficult to control their greed. As a rule, it ends with pornography and masturbation addiction or, in severe cases, forced masturbation.

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How to overcome sexual desire when single?

It is important to control the sexual urges that lead you to sinful activities such as adultery or masturbation. Different methods and treatments can be used to control excessive sexual desire depending on your condition. These include;

  • Allah has provided the solution to control your sexual desires only by reciting the Qur’an. Press the eyes so that they do not see the forbidden things and keeps protect your private parts.
  • According to a hadith, fasting is the best way to control one’s sexual desires. In addition to fasting in the month of Ramadan, you can fast in any month of the year. As we all know it is forbidden to see or do anything related to sexual intercourse during fasting. Therefore, more useful to control sexual desire. But it is important that you give up your ego and follow the true meaning of fasting.
  • Engaging in productive activities is another way to avoid harmful sexual desires. As you know, an empty mind is the devil’s home. So keep yourself busy. You can start a new hobby or set a goal to keep your mind busy.
  • Avoid encouraging things like stories, novels, movies, videos, music, or anything that increases your sexual temptation.
  • Come along and try to avoid people who engage in immoral and unhealthy behavior.
  • Pray for yourself and ask your Lord for help. Zikr – Remembrance of Allah and Istighfar – Asking forgiveness from Allah.

The best way to use your sexual needs properly is to get married. But sometimes marriage is not the answer if you have an addiction to sex or other psychological problems related to your sexual needs. To do this, you need proper treatment from a health professional.

How to control sexual desire in a relationship?

Consider the relationship between this husband and his wife. Some people are addicted to bad habits that do not go away even after marriage. In this case, the person continues bad habits such as pornography, forced masturbation, and other sinful and immoral activities. Your partner, usually a partner, suffers from another person’s strange sexual desires that are also unsatisfactory in an intimate relationship.

It is important to see a doctor and therapist who can solve your psychological problems so that you can have a healthy relationship with your partner. It is a good idea to talk to your partner and help him or her get rid of bad habits. You should try to keep yourself engaged in healthy activities and focus on your life aims.

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