How to Diagnose High Blood Pressure (Hypertension) – Best Ways

How to Diagnose High Blood Pressure

It is very simple to Diagnose hypertension or High Blood Pressure as like taking a blood pressure reading. Most of the doctor’s clinics check the blood pressure at every appointment. If your blood pressure not check at your appointment then you make sure your blood pressure reading at your next visit.

If your blood pressure is high then your doctor may ask you to take more blood pressure readings for a few days or weeks. It is rarely given hypertension diagnosis after just one reading. Your medical consultant have to need to see evidence of constant problem because your environment can cause to rise blood pressure. For example, if you feel stress by being at doctor’s clinic, the blood pressure levels may vary in whole day.

Also if your blood pressure always remains high, your medical consultant will conduct more tests  to rule out basic conditions or circumstances. Detail of these tests are given below:

  • Urine Test
  • Cholesterol Screening & Other Blood Tests
  • Heart’s electrical activity Test with an electrocardiogram (EKG, sometimes referred to as an ECG)
  • Heart or Kidneys Ultrasound.

These tests helps your medical consultant to identify any secondary disorder that causes to increase your blood pressure. They can also examine the effects of high blood pressure on your organs.

During this period, your medical consultant start treating your hypertension or high blood pressure. Early treatment may reduces the risk of lasting problematic damage.

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