Hamal Ke Dauran Folic Acid Ke Behtreen Aor Herankun Fayde

Folic acid is a form of synthetic folic acid that is essential for the proper functioning of the body. There are many nutritional sources of folic acid such as salads, green beans, orange juice, beans, etc. Which we can eat to meet our needs, but some people need supplements to make up for this deficiency. Yes, like a pregnant woman.

Folic acid is a vitamin B that is used in the synthesis of new cells in our body. Every human body needs folic acid but it is essential for pregnant women. Even before you become pregnant, you need to get enough folic acid to prevent serious birth defects and birth defects in your baby’s brain and spinal cord.

This disorder is called neural tube defect and can be prevented by using enough folic acid. You can eat through our food. Some fruits and vegetables that are naturally rich in folic acid include okra, beans, yeast, okra and some green leafy vegetables. Folic acid is used especially for other problems that are more common in women, such as anxiety, depression, and memory loss.

Why Folic Acid is important for the body?

Folate performs many important functions in our body. Its primary function is to make new, healthy red blood cells in the body, and these red blood cells carry oxygen. Without it, the body can become pale with anemia, weakness and fatigue.

It plays an important role in DNA synthesis and helps in cell division. In addition, during pregnancy, women need enough folic acid to prevent birth defects and harm to the baby.

Neural tube defects

Neural tube defects are brain and spinal cord diseases that can occur in children if the mother is deficient in folic acid during or before pregnancy. These neural tube abnormalities can be fatal. But if the mother takes adequate and satisfactory amounts of folic acid, she can prevent this disorder and prevent premature birth, cleft palate and heart problems.

According to the CDC and the US Public Health Service, women who may become pregnant should consume approximately 400 micrograms of folic acid daily. You can take separate multivitamin or folic acid supplements to use. You can take it with cereal for breakfast, which is the most important source of folic acid.

Folic Acid Is Effective For

Most likely folic acid affects us in certain circumstances to save us from serious consequences such as;

  • It affects high levels of homocysteine ​​in the body, which can lead to stroke and other heart diseases. Folic acid lowers blood levels, especially in people with kidney failure.
  • As a person gets older, he often loses his memory and forgets something first. In this case, folic acid can help improve the memory of the elderly, which deteriorates with age.
  • It can maintain and lower blood pressure in women with high blood pressure and in women with stress and anxiety.
  • Vitiligo, a condition that causes white spots on the skin, can be reduced with folic acid.

When should women take folic acid?

Nerve tube damage or other disorders occur in the first few weeks of pregnancy when a woman does not know she is pregnant. Therefore, it is important to get in the habit of taking folic acid supplements every day, even if you are not expecting it.

Once you are pregnant, it is important that you protect your baby from a lifelong disability. There is a misconception among women today that they can get all the vitamins and minerals from food. However, the dose is not high. Can’t get enough nutrients. So they need some supplements to meet the needs of the body.

Folate deficiency in women

Folic acid is an important nutrient for women, but its deficiency can lead to abnormalities and serious problems in women, such as

  • Megaloblastic anemia
  • Soft spot
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Headache
  • Nails and skin color.

Folic acid deficiency can lead to serious problems in pregnant women, alcoholics, etc.

Therefore, folic acid has no side effects. If taken in large quantities, it can sometimes cause abdominal pain, but it dissolves in water, so its excess is excreted in the urine.

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