Foods That Increase Male Fertility – 7 Ways To Boost Sperm Count

Foods That Increase Male Fertility – 7 Ways To Boost Sperm Count


Foods That Increase Male Fertility – Eating certain foods can increase a man’s sperm count and improve male fertility. Here are 7 foods that increase male fertility in men and increase sperm count.

A number of nutrients you can include in your diet will benefit your sperm health in many ways, including sperm motility, DNA morphology/quality and quantity.

All of these elements affect your overall fertility and pregnancy prospects. Nuts, green leafy vegetables, and lean meat are some foods that help keep sperm healthy.

It is important to consider a fertility diet for both men and women because approximately 40% of infertility problems are directly related to male factors.

Food is one of several things that can affect a low sperm count in men, abnormal sperm appearance, and low sperm motility.

There are some foods that you should include more in your diet, while others you should reduce or eliminate completely. Some foods affect sperm count. Some of foods that increase male fertility are listed below:

Nuts Are Good For Fertility

  • Increased nut intake has been shown to improve male fertility.
  • According to a 2012 study, “a group of healthy young men on a Western diet improved sperm viability, motility, and morphology (normal shape) when eating 75g of walnuts per day.”
  • This is because walnuts, rich in essential fatty acids and natural antioxidants, are a great source of micronutrients that are important for the formation and function of spermatozoa (AGEs).
  • Almonds, Brazil nuts, cashews, hazelnuts, walnuts, pine nuts, pistachios and walnuts are among the most popular nuts.
  • But in the end, keep in mind that all nuts are good for fertility, so try to include them in your diet and experiment with some nuts for a few days.
  • Do not overdo it with nuts, because they are high in calories; Try to eat about 30 grams of walnuts per day (about a handful).
  • Both raw and roasted walnuts have similar health benefits, but it is recommended that you eat walnuts raw to maximize these benefits and avoid salting them if possible.

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Vegetables And Fruits

  • Antioxidants in fruits and vegetables, including blueberries and kale, can help keep sperm healthy and fast, which they actually need to quickly travel through the fallopian tubes and fertilize the egg.
  • Meanwhile, the motility and number of sperm can be slightly increased by vitamins E and C.
  • Green vegetables such as spinach, broccoli, mango and avocado contain vitamin E.
  • Among other foods, oranges, tomatoes, and grapefruit are rich in vitamin C.
  • Rich in folic acid, a B vitamin with antioxidant properties that can help prevent sperm chromosomal abnormalities, green leafy vegetables, legumes, and many fruits increase sperm count and motility.


  • Zinc and omega-3 fatty acids, which are found in pumpkin seeds and can improve sperm quality, are present in large amounts.
  • Looking for additional ways to get enough omega-3s?
  • Also consider eating flax seeds, chia seeds, or sunflower seeds, which contain vitamin E and other antioxidants to increase sperm production and motility. So you will make the sperm thicker and stronger.

Pomegranate Nectar

  • Pomegranate is also an important player in the world of antioxidants.
  • Some animal studies also show that pomegranate juice improves sperm quality. However, this effect has not yet been shown to apply to humans.
  • A little pomegranate juice doesn’t hurt either.
  • Ask him to add it to a smoothie or replace it with his daily orange juice.
  • So drink pomegranate juice to increase your sperm count.


  • There is a scientific basis for oysters’ reputation as an aphrodisiac.
  • Compared to other foods, it has the highest zinc content per serving.
  • The fact that they promote sperm motility and sperm production speaks for itself.


  • Beef is another food that promotes sperm production.
  • Beef is high in zinc, selenium, carnitine, and vitamin B12.
  • Healthy sperm count has been shown to increase and is supported by this nutrient.


  • The content of omega-3 fatty acids, selenium, and vitamin D may also be related to the association between certain species of fish, particularly salmon, and sperm count.
  • Helps increase the quantity, quality and production of sperm.
  • This is a way to strengthen sperm for pregnancy.

What is the key to improving sperm health?

  • Eat some vegetables.
  • Vegetables must be organic, but at least washed well.
  • Cut down on processed meats and eat more fish.
  • Male fertility foods, including trans fats, should be avoided.
  • Reduce the amount of soy sauce.
  • BPA should be avoided in canned foods. Look for BPA-free bottles.
  • Avoid the use of plastic if necessary.
  • Avoid eating too many fatty dairy products (ice cream, whole milk, etc.).
  • Stop smoking.
  • Eat nuts, unless you are allergic to nuts, of course.
  • If you are overweight, lose weight.

The Bottom Line

Both expectant fathers and expectant mothers should carefully monitor their diet. It doesn’t hurt to ask your partner to cut down on certain unhealthy foods and increase their intake of fertility foods. It also gives you a better chance of having the baby you’ve both always wanted.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the role of oysters in increasing male fertility?

Oysters have an aphrodisiac effect and are rich in zinc, which increases the sperm content in men.

Why is it important to consider fertility diets for men and women?

It is essential to consider the fertility diet for both men and women, since around 40% of infertility problems are directly related to male factors.

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