20 Best And Most Comfortable Sex Positions For Better Sex Drive (What are the most satisfying sex positions to help you last longer in bed?)

20 Best And Most Comfortable Sex Positions For Better Sex Drive


Comfortable Sex Positions – If part of you thinks “ouch” during sex, it’s time to rethink your bedroom strategy. Sex shouldn’t hurt until you do!

Even if the position worked with the previous partner, it may not work with the next one. Different sizes, different techniques, body modifications and tastes are just some of the things we talk about when it comes to sex.

Solution? Comfortable Sex Positions are best for relaxation and satisfaction. All you need to do is talk and lip up!

Increase your comfort with following Comfortable Sex Positions

Sizzling missionary


Leave behind the nostalgic memories of those innocent times when a few rhythmic up-and-down, side-to-side movements were all you knew about sex. Instead, create a new experience from the classic missionary position for vaginal or anal penetration with a few adjustments.

For P-in-V or dildo-in-V sex, instead of spreading your legs, place your partner’s legs apart to ensure mutual intercourse. The added sensation can increase stimulation and moisture for a more pleasurable experience. It also limits the depth of penetration, which can help prevent pain.

For P-in-A or vibrator sex, place a pillow under your thighs for easy access to your entrance and your prostate!

Laying on pillow top


Lie on a pillow and rest your pelvis on it for more support. Bend your knees so you can lift your pelvis and spread your legs wide enough to enter the vagina or anus.

Not only does this position allow you to adjust the depth as needed, but it also provides a cushion under the sweet spot for rubbing your clitoris or penis.

Riding into sunset


Take control and stay on top. This position is perfect for cuddling moments as it allows for intimate kisses and eye contact. Depending on the comfort, you can determine the speed and depth of penetration, so move your pelvis forward and back or up and down as you like.

Lean forward or backward as needed to accommodate anal or vaginal insertion, and use your hands for support if needed.

Lean On Me


Standing sex doesn’t require as much strength as you think. All you need is a table or a wall.

Turn toward each other, wrap your legs around him for support, touch your genitals, and create a relaxing rhythm. If you can find a comfortable place to hang out, do so. If not, gently rubbing his penis can be as sexy as it is arousing.

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Side Cuddle


Lying on your side already provides an easy starting point that allows you to face each other for vaginal penetration or spoon for vaginal or anal penetration.

If they are facing each other, reach down and check the strap or clip and carefully move them to get the right angle and tension.

If you’re sitting back, use your buttocks to control depth and speed so you’re both comfortable. Use your hands as a buffer between you and your partner to maintain your comfort zone.

The Duo Position


The duo can combine any type of penetration or pleasure, or an interesting combination of the two, to get all the action!

The receiving partner lies on their back with their legs apart so that the partner kneels between them. What you get out of it, you, the dynamic duo, is up to you.

For vaginal or anal penetration with a penis, finger, or toy, adjust your pelvic position to accommodate penetration and find your rhythm. Stimulation of the clitoris, nipple, or penis is easy to achieve.

If you want to avoid penetration, this position is perfect for joint masturbation and sensual play.

The Rabbit Position


Have your partner kneel on the floor or bed, then sit on their lap facing away from you. Think of a spoon that’s not in your lap.

Pelvic tilt is enough to work for V or A to a depth you can control. Increase the fun factor by using a vibrator simultaneously on your clitoris or penis. Or skip the penetration and just enjoy the (dry) hump and play.

The Boycott Position


If you’ve tried everything and still feel pain, especially with penetration, it’s time to boycott penetration for a while.

Don’t worry because now is the best time to try 69. Simply lie on your back and ask your partner to lower himself so that he is facing your mouth with his penis.

Once in position, use lips and tongue as well as fingers and hands to make full use of this dual dose.

PS You are just around the corner from B-Town so if you like rhyming or anal play then mix it up. Make sure you don’t go back and forth without cleaning first.

Best Comfortable Sex Positions That Help To Your Play

Do you need a comfortable long-term position or do you want to prolong your happiness in any way?

Here are three positions to prolong your game:

The Lazy Doggy


Lie on your back and let your partner lie on top of you, resting your elbows on the bed at your sides for support. If penetration is on the menu, tilt your pelvis as needed for shallow A or V penetration.

Any penetration? No problem! Place a vibrator under your pelvis to stimulate your partner as he massages you between your hips.

Table for two


Stand in front of a table, lean back, and let your partner stand behind you. Put your weight on the table and lift your hips to locate your genitals.

Place your feet close together and expect one hand behind you to guide your cock or pen into your V or A as far as it will comfortably go. Keep them still as you move back and forth at an efficient speed.

Easy Glider


Have your partner sit in a sturdy chair, straddle your knees, and walk or slide. In other words, get down and ride V or A on his penis or dildo to hit him. Or place your penis on it and slide it to your pleasure and up to your waist.

Oral sex positions for giver and receiver

Oral sex is always a good time, but if penetration feels painful, it can take away from your enjoyment.

Here are a few steps for the giver and receiver:

The Beanbag


A bean bag, a bunch of pillows, or a comfortable chair will work if the recipient can sit and lie down while the donor kneels on the floor with their feet up.

This position allows the giver to lean in for the pleasure of a hand or toy and lower their partner. A seated recipient is also in the perfect position to get their hands dirty or use a self-love toy.

Sideways 69 Position


As the name suggests, you do 69 lying on your side.

Raise one leg as needed to give and access the other’s organs for licking, kissing and sucking.

Flat Line

The receiver lies on his back with his legs together, and the giver brings his fingers together and bends down to perform the oral.

The receiver enjoys oral pleasure while the giver rubs and slides his cock over his partner’s covered legs. If Roar has a penis or rope, he can slide it between his partner’s legs to form a hump.

Best Comfortable Sex Positions for couples with vulva and vagina

For vulva and vaginal joints, this position is for pleasure and pain.

All fours

Both parties take a sitting position behind each other, so that the partner behind can say the pronunciation. This position also works for discs.



This classic lets you do it all! Ideal for humpathons who can switch on penetration, but don’t need to.

For penetration, the receiving partner lies on his back with his legs crossed so that the partner can penetrate with a pen or hand toy. Extension determines the depth of penetration for your comfort.

Make sure you spend all your time figuring it out!

Hug it Out Position


If you want to be more intimate, ask your partner to sit on your legs and then sit on their lap and wrap your legs around them.

Enjoy eye contact as you kiss and touch each other’s hot spots.

Best positions for couples who have a penis

For couples with erectile dysfunction, these three positions allow them to scream without an ooh.

The Spooning Position


The spoon allows the recipient to enjoy the sleep and also allows you to control the depth.

To limit the depth, keep your feet together. To give the giver a deeper reach, spread it out a bit more. Continue to adjust as needed to avoid discomfort.

Missionary Position


This is definitely a more dominant position, but the face-to-face position allows for better communication, which can be important if the recipient is concerned about pain.

Lie on your back and spread your legs so your partner can sit on top. Hold their hips to help them achieve proper depth and rhythm.

Trombone for two

This 69 shape allows them to suck each other and give or receive a hoop job. A couple is lying on their backs. The other climbs up, puts his butt or penis in his partner’s face, and dives.

Have you tried them all? Step up your game with these advanced tricks or moves

Now that you have a pain-free rotating sex position, try this move to take your game even further.

Lube like a boss

There are certain sex positions where lubrication can be very beneficial. And when it comes to reducing the chances of pain, the lip is your best friend!

Use it for any type of penetration and use it liberally. Use more to cover your dry lump as it will make it too smooth.

Additional tips:

  • Oil-based lubricants are prohibited if you use the latex barrier method.
  • Silicone lubricants can damage silicone sex toys and lead to painful play.
  • Use a lubricant to play with sensations, such as a hot or cold lab on your nipples or balls.

Try app-controlled toys

Remote control toys with apps are just as fun in real life as they are for remote toys. Take turns using one to the other, or grab two together for a teasing melee.

Mix things up or make it a main dish by using with some of the above.

Try your hand or a toy on a delayed orgasm


A delayed or stalled orgasm is when you or your partner are close to orgasm without actually having an orgasm, at least not for long. Why because the journey to the big O seems like a good place to start. And when you finally climax, it will be intense.

To do this, you can stop the stimulation just before orgasm and start it again when the desire is gone, or you can switch to another intercourse or another part of the body whenever you get closer to climax. can activate

Remember that good communication, agreement, and clear boundaries are key to making it fun for everyone.

The Bottom Line

Sex shouldn’t be painful. With good communication, a willingness to test, and the right tools, it doesn’t have to be that way.

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