Top 20 Hospitals Honor Roll 2021-22 In USA (United State Of America)

Best And Top 20 Hospitals Honor Roll 2021-22 In USA  (United State Of America)

The list of the best hospitals includes 20 hospitals that are featured in most or all rated healthcare services in US. Hospitals get points if they are listed nationally in 15 features (the more features and the higher their rankings, the more points they get) and if they score more in any of the 17 procedures and conditions. Score The top scorer was given an honor roll.

  1. Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota.
  2. Cleveland Clinic.
  3. UCLA Medical Center, Los Angeles.
  4. Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore.
  5. Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston.
  6. Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles.
  7. New York-Presbyterian Hospital-Columbia and Cornell, New York.
  8. NYU Langone Hospitals, New York.
  9. UCSF Medical Center, San Francisco.
  10. Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Chicago.
  11. University of Michigan Hospitals-Michigan Medicine, Ann Arbor.
  12. Stanford Health Care-Stanford Hospital, Stanford, California.
  13. Hospitals of the University of Pennsylvania-Penn Presbyterian, Philadelphia.
  14. Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Boston.
  15. Mayo Clinic-Phoenix.
  16. Houston Methodist Hospital.
  17. Barnes-Jewish Hospital, St. Louis.
  18. Mount Sinai Hospital, New York.
  19. Rush University Medical Center, Chicago.
  20. Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Nashville

For most illnesses, patients do not need to go to a honor roll hospital, which may require payment for leaving home and out-of-network treatment. All positions and ratings should be considered as a starting point only for patients who are considering a place for treatment, taking into account their doctor’s opinion. Individual assessment, insurance coverage and personal preferences are important factors in making the best personal decisions.

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