About 8 Or 10 Corona Virus Vaccine Can Be Prepared Upto 9 Months


The billionaire co-founder of Microsoft estimates it will take 18 months to develop the vaccine, although he says it could come soon in nine months or two years.

With candidates using traditional methods, Gates is particularly excited about two new types of vaccines: RNA and DNA vaccines.

There are more than 100 vaccines for the corona virus, but eight to ten have caught Bill Gates’ attention.

Microsoft’s partner billionaire charity is investing several dollars in vaccine development through its charity, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The establishment has so far pledged $ 250 million to fight the novel coronavirus, and Gates recently said the organization wants to use all its assets to fight epidemics.

Gates distributed a blog post on Thursday outlining how the vaccine could be developed and disseminated. He wrote that it would take about a year and a half for a vaccine to grow, but added that “it could take up to nine months or two years.”

“As of April 9, there are 115 different Covid 19 vaccine candidates in development,” Gates wrote. “I think eight to ten of them seem particularly promising.” (However, our foundation will keep an eye on everyone to see if we have noticed any shortcomings that have some positive features.)

Gates said candidates “take a variety of measures to protect the body against COVID-19”, then explained how there are two main types of vaccines: inactivated and surviving.

Inactivated vaccines have a dead form of the ideal pathogen, while live doses have a small but living part of it. Gates described the strategies as general and reliable, but added that they were designed for small assets and timeliness.

“I am particularly excited, about the two new methods or ways some candidates are taking, RNA & DNA vaccines,” Gates wrote.

Instead of injecting Rogzen’s antigen into your body, you give the body the genetic code to make the antigen itself. When antigens appear on the outside of your cells, your immune system attacks them and learns to defeat future invaders. Basically, you transform your body into its own vaccine manufacturing unit. ”

Although the Gates Foundation has been researching RNA vaccines for almost a decade, they have not yet come to light. “Since Quaid will be the first RNA vaccine to be released, we both need to show that this platform works on its own and that there are exceptions,” Gates said. “It is like preparing your computer system, and the first piece of your software, at the same time.”

A major challenge in developing a vaccine for COVID-19 is that no coronavirus vaccine has been developed to date.

But Microsoft billionaires have said on several occasions that it is impossible to return to normal without a vaccine.

“There has never been important task in humanity, by creating a comprehensive immunity to the corona virus,” he said.

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