12 Best And Useful Easy Yoga Exercises For Beginners (Try At Home)


How to start practicing yoga: Easy yoga exercises for beginners (try at home). Are you aware of the many benefits of yoga but have no idea where to start? If you are new to yoga, you may have the wrong decision that it is difficult to give yoga gifts. However, it is not yoga that is disturbing. It’s just your brain.

Yoga consists of 300 poses and of course it is difficult to master each of them. It may seem incomprehensible if you accidentally leave the less complex one and find it surprising. So, start by making the easiest choices, stay standard with the training, and let your body adjust to the increasing level of problems that yoga offers with a steady stream.

Here are the best yoga performances you can do at home. Start trying out 12 yoga exercises at home and become more thoughtful and really beneficial.

  • Not to go any gym : How to remain fit at home
  • Do these basic opposition groups practice at home for a full physical workout?
  • No clutter group? Just wear dress ties or nylon socks and follow this exercise plan.

1- Simple Pose

This is an ideal posture for starting any yoga schedule. It is one of the less sophisticated gifts of yoga and the name really reflects the current happiness. It ends with the intersection of the sitting legs, so that the feet are straight below the knees and the hands with the palms above or below the knees. This posture lowers the body and tones the waist, making it stronger and more stable.

2- Mountain Pose

This is an ideal learning position to practice at home. This helps the active body to take the next level and characterize difficult currencies. The presence of this yoga begins with standing firmly, keeping the back and head straight, lifting the thigh muscles from the knees, keeping the hands in line with the body and lifting the body weight on the fingers, and maintaining the posture for 7-10 seconds.

The biggest advantage of adopting this pose is that it is the initial stage of standing asanas and can be effectively repeated at home as part of the morning or evening schedule. It helps in the development of body postures, habitual exercises strengthen the thighs and lower legs, gently lighten the spine and control the sensory, respiratory and abdominal systems.

3- Down Facing Dog

There is yoga that looks like a pose of a dog leaning forward, followed by a pose of a dog leaning downwards. It is an easy suffix to learn and learners can practice it day by day without any reaction. Start by sticking to each of the four appendages and then lift your hips to fix your arms and legs. The shoulders should be joined to the hands and the hips should be aligned, keeping the legs straight.

Finally, turn your eyes to the navel and hold the pose for a few moments before taking off the promo and reaching the introductory position in each of the four appendices. This posture strengthens the abdominal muscles, improves circulation and consistency, nourishes the hands and feet, and reduces anxiety.

4- Cobra Pose

This is a highly recommended procedure for beginners, as it helps to tolerate high levels of posture and chest area. Lie on your stomach and place your palms on your shoulders. At that moment, he looked up at the chest area and looked up at the sky.

When you reach a comfortable height, press your thighs, buttocks, and fingers against each other and pose for a few moments before taking off and returning to the same hunting position.

This posture strengthens the spinal cord and raises the head in the lower abdomen. Stimulate regenerative, urinary and abdominal frames. Opens the lungs and heart and helps in de-stressing.

5- Warrior Pose

This yoga is a very beautiful asana of the present yoga and adds greatness to this article. It has direct benefits to the arms, legs and lower back. Start by adjusting the focal point of the bearing point by keeping your right foot 3 feet to your left and rotating your right foot 90 degrees.

Until then, keep your arms fully extended to the sides until they are level with the ground. Now, move your arms up, with your arms at the top of your head. Take off the pose with the left leg from the front and repeat. This posture supports courage, improves walking, and facilitates concentration on the shoulders.

6. Bound Angle Pose

The name of this yoga includes methods that lean backwards. It is useful to take a deep rest. This pose begins with your back on the floor and your feet close to your hips. Then open the knees until they touch the ground and press the palms down to the feet.

Embrace your knees before taking them off and turn from side to side. Stimulates kidney, bladder and heart and blood flow. The thigh and crotch muscles also move inwards.

7. Seat Pose

The current seat begins with making an existing seat, then slowly raising the same arm to the ground and bending the knees to copy a seat until the thighs are practically aligned with the ground. Hold this posture for as long as possible and then return to your current seat before loosening your body.

There are more physical benefits to this posture. Strengthens the lower legs, calves, thighs and spine, lowers the surface of the legs and stimulates the stomach, abdomen and heart organs.

8- Skull Shining Breath

This is the yoga breathing activity of the hobbyist. It is very possible that you sit or stand. Place the palm of your right hand on your abdomen and breathe fast and exhale vigorously. Repeat the procedure 25 to several times.

Increasing this point, more than one number is acceptable. This activity reduces back and neck pain, opens the chest and lungs, and stimulates blood flow.

9- Howls Breath

This is a yoga breathing activity for amateurs. Sit with your back straight, with a divider or seat, inhale through your nose and breathe in with an “eh” in your mouth. When they are satisfied, close your mouth and breathe. Follow 3-4 arrangements for 10 breaths. This activity increases the oxygen content in the blood, opens the nostrils and chest, improves appetite, and is good for the stomach.

10- Nasal Breathing Exchange

This is a deep breathing exercise that stimulates and strengthens the entire breathing frame. It helps calm, relax, and restore your brain. This is done by sitting in a relaxed position with the spine straight.

Close the right nostril with the right thumb, the right ring near the left nostril, the rest of the fingers highlight the sky. Inhale and exhale with the left fist instead of the right, closing the left with the fingertips and lowering the thumb.

Repeat this process 15 to several times.

11- Board Pose

To start, lie on the floor under your stomach, keep your palms close to your shoulders, lift your shoulders and keep your whole body straight. Hold this application for 15 to 20 seconds. This pose helps build strength and quality.

12- Cadaver Pose

This yoga gift is eagerly suggested for relaxation of the soul and body. This is one of the less complicated asanas that is placed on the ground, upwards and relaxes the body. Pause for 3 to 5 minutes. This is nothing but difficult to do, it reduces stress, discomfort and fatigue.

Yoga doesn’t have to be confusing to be strong. Its purpose is simply to make you free, wonderful, and fit in all aspects of life. This is something that you should have the option of driving without putting too much pressure on yourself.

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