10 Important And Very Useful Functions Of Bile You Need To Know

10 Important And Very Useful Functions Of Bile You Need To Know

Functions Of Bile – There of many important functions of bile, occurs due to bile salts. These functions are:

1- Digestive Function:

It is a fluid which is made and excrete from liver. It is stored in gallbladder. Bile is helpful in digestion. It breaks down fats into fatty acids by a process, know as emulsification.

2- Absorptive Functions:

Bile performs absorptive functions. It is helpful in absorption of digested fats from intestine into the blood.

3- Excretory Functions:

Bile pigments are the major excretory products of the bile. Other substances excreted in bile are:

  • Heavy metals like copper and iron.
  • Some bacteria like typhoid bacteria.
  • Some toxins
  • Cholesterol
  • Lecithin
  • Alkaline phosphatase.

4- Laxative Action:

Bile salts act as laxatives which induces defecation. It stimulates peristaltic movements of the intestine.

5- Antiseptic Action:

Bile inhibits the growth of certain bacteria in the lumen of intestine by its natural detergent action.

6- Choleretic Action:

Bile salts have the choleretic action. It stimulates the secretion of bile from liver and helps in digestion.

7- Maintenance Of pH In Gastrointestinal Tract:

As bile is highly alkaline. it neutralizes the acid chyme which enters the intestine from stomach. Thus, an optimum pH is maintained for the action of digestive enzymes.

8- Prevention of Gallstone Formation:

Bile prevents the formation of gallstone by keeping the cholesterol and lecithin in solution. If bile salts are not present, cholesterol precipitates along with lecithin and it forms gallstone.

9- Lubrication Function:

The mucin in bile acts as a lubricant for the chyme in intestine.

10- Cholagogue Action:

Bile act as cholagogues. It acts as an agent which causes contraction of gallbladder and helps in release of bile into the intestine. It stimulates the secretion of hormone cholecystokinin. It causes contraction of gallbladder, resulting in release of bile.

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